About Us

About IndiHands

IndiHands is a premium physical store brand under Manik Trifaley Design Studio (MTDS), an established 15+ years old brand in corporate gifting, as well as promoting Indian art and craft products at various corporate offices. It caters to both Corporate Gifting as well as Personal Gifting needs of both corporates and individuals.

With a mission to promote Indian art and craft heritage and contribute to elevate the lives of Indian artists living in rural parts of India, the visionary founder of MTDS, Manik Trifaley started Indihands in 2014. Since inception, it has become the destination for art lovers.

IndiHands Offerings

Indihands broadly caters to two segments

Corporate Gifting:

Our artisans create contemporary gifts for your corporate customers, partners, vendors and employees. Our belief lies in creating “Experience”, and that is the reason why, every product, which we deliver, carries some uniqueness to serve the purpose of gifting and conveys your emotions. It is you who helps us empower these artisans, because all we do is collate their art, give it a more contemporary form, and present it to you. Recreate the beauty of such heritage for your corporate clients; gift a small memento to your employees as a token of appreciation. Our gifts are ideal for a range of corporate events including regular employee events, product launches, conferences, seminars and award ceremonies.

Personal Gifting:

At Indihands, we have a range of unique gift articles which can be suited for various personal gifting requirements like birthdays, marriages, house warming, anniversary etc.

We also have “Bring your Concept” offering, in which you just bring your concept or gifting idea and we will design it from scratch, along with you to convert your concept to a reality. Many of our customers comes to us with these kinds of requirements for their bulk gifting requirements.


Our Brand Philosophy

We, at IndiHands, try to inject art and aestheticism into your lives, adding in positivity and inspiration for creativity. Our brand design reflects this sentiment. The art form used is Warli, from the tribals of Maharashtra and Gujarat, who thrive in simplicity yet durability. They celebrate their lives, and have a distinct interdependence with nature. We try to recreate this sense of teamwork, of connecting the corporate world with grass-root level artisans. Thus, our brand is named ‘IndiHands’, made of two components: ‘Indi’, for Indian art which we specifically focus on, and ‘Hands’, which has connotations of handwork and handmade work in our machine-oriented world.

About Founder & Principal Designer

Manik Trifaley is the founder and Principal Designer at MTDS. With a rich experience of art and craft, she started MTDS in 2003 to cater to gifting solution requirements of the corporate world. Over these years, she has created multiple sub-brands under MTDS to cater to specific areas of gifting solutions. An art graduate and alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, today works with 50+ global organizations and plays a role of dependable gifting solution partner. She tries to amalgamate artisans’ ancestral crafts with contemporary corporate needs, taking the best of both worlds and creating something delicate yet durable.

Indihands is one such young brand under MTDS which is growing rapidly and it also has a physical store in Pune @ Infosys Technologies, Hinjawadi, Phase 2 premises.

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