Hand-Painted Glass Kalamkari Coasters. (Set of 4 coaters)


Kalamkari literally translates into ‘A painting done using pen’. Kalamkari is an ancient craft, which traces its origin from 3000 years ago. The art form is typically used to block print their cloths using vegetable dyes, carving their stamps and making their own colours. Historically, Kalamkari belongs to both India and Iran, and has since then evolved into many different styles of block printing as well.Hand -Painted Glass Kalamkari Coasters.(set Of 4 Coaters) is a premium Corporate Gifts. We have made a niche for ourselves with High – Quality Corporate Gift Items. What distinguishes us is our commitment to service, by providing excellent Handmade Corporate Gifts.
Code: 1005
Size Details: (approx)
7.5 x 7.5 x 0.5 cm each

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