Wooden Carved Elephant


Elephants are considered as the epitome of wisdom, wealth and strength in India. They are famed for their high intelligence and exceptional memory. However, while being the symbol for wisdom, the elephant is also known to nurture his own. Similarly, this elephant has intricately detailed animals and birds into his carved zhool, made entirely out of a single block of wood.  The big ears are also carven with detail because listening is an important skill in our lives, one which we often overlook. As befitting a royal elephant, he has an exquisite headpiece that immediately draws attention to itself as well, making the elephant striking and exceptional. Wooden Carved Elephant is a premium Corporate Gifts. We have made a niche for ourselves with High – Quality Corporate Gift Items. What distinguishes us is our commitment to service, by providing excellent Handmade Corporate Gifts.
Code: Large – 1550, Small – 1549
Size Details: (approx.)