Hand Painted Madhubani Glass Photo Frame with Clock


Madhubani painting is a style practised in the Mithila region of Nepal and in the Indian state of Bihar. The art form focuses heavily on the two great epics of the Ramayan and the Mahabharat, recreating stories through vibrant colours and designs. The present moment is important, and so is living it to the fullest. At the same time, the past, and our memories, are to treasured and mulled over. And so, we aspire to adorn your desk with art, to accentuate your life with colour.
Hand Painted Madhubani Glass Photo Frame With Clock (White) is a premium Corporate Gifts. We have made a niche for ourselves with High – Quality Corporate Gift Items. What distinguishes us is our commitment to service, by providing excellent Handmade Corporate Gifts.
Code: 1044
Size Details: (approx)
18.2 x 27.5 x 2 cm