Veenavadini :: The Madhubani Lady


For their unique beauty and chronicling character, Phada painting has come to be regarded as one of the most sought after folk paintings in the world of art and culture. They use their own specially prepared vegetable dyes for these paintings, urable enough to last centuries. These murals adorn the ancestral havelis, the mansions generations of a family live in.  
Madhubani painting is a style practiced in the Mithila region of Nepal and in the Indian state of Bihar. Along with that, we aspire to adorn your wall with art, to accentuate your life with colour.
The Phad And Madhubani Painting is a premium Corporate Gifts. We have made a niche for ourselves with High – Quality Corporate Gift Items. What distinguishes us is our commitment to service, by providing excellent Handmade Corporate Gifts.
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28 x 32 cm. each

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