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    Client : Eaton India Innovation Centre

    Solution offered by MTDS: Memorabilia

    Requirement: HR team wanted to represents diversity and collaboration combined with teamwork which has been instrumental in the shaping of Eaton India Innovation Center.

    Solution Approach: Based on the brief provided, we came up with an idea  to use handprints of all the employees those who contributed in this project with the combination of Coppre heritage of Pune

    The handprints represents synchronized energy blending through contributions from all.  Skills are unique and collaboration is key for success, is the main highlight of this artwork.

    On the inaugurated plaque, other elements are represented as:

    • Tussar Silk backdrop for the handprints signifies the rich Indian heritage
    • Hand beaten work (Mathar kaam) on hexagonal copper plate is unique to Pune and signifies local artisanship and skills

    Client : Tata Consultancy Services

    Solution offered by MTDS:  Welcome kit using Indian motives with customisation for CXO level customers of TCS

    Requirement: Marketing team wanted us to customise welcome kit using Indian art representing different parts of India.

    Solution Approach: We recommended  Madhubani hand painting with customer name engraved on each folder, handmade paper diary, customised pen and TCS branded bag. We are doing this on-going basis, supporting CXO level customer visits to TCS offices across India.

    Client Infosys Technologies


    Solution offered by MTDS:  Representation of Pune Heritage in Infosys boardrooms through glass paintings

    Requirement: Facilities team wanted Wall Paintings on Pune heritage to showcase it to visiting customers and employees from outside Pune.

    Solution Approach: We designed hand paint monuments of Pune on Glass with the history of each monuments, which was well received by visiting customers and employees

    Client: Atlas Copco (India) Limited

    Solution offered by MTDS:  Birthday Gifts for employees

    Requirement: HR team wanted Birthday gifts, which are personalised & unique.

    Solution Approach: We decided to use employee’s photographs on hand crafted Jute passport holder with their names.

    Client: SKF

    Solution offered by MTDS: Farewell Gift for leadership team member

    Requirement: HR team wanted to design the scroll for a leadership team member who was about to leave SKF group

    Solution Approach: We recommended  vintage feel paper scroll with photo collage rather than only the text message.

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